I was going to attempt to back log some of my previous post I have made on Instagram but guess less aim to just post.

I’ve been trying to refine and experiment with my calligraphy not following a set pattern unlike Spencerian, Fraktur, Copperplate or roundhouse so without any real teaching and self motivation I’m slowly but surely getting there I hope. I don’t have the most amazing tools at my own disposal, majority of the time the lighting is a lamp I find within a room, and filmed with the worlds most wobbliest goose neck tripod  as well a phone that heats up every 2 minutes when filming.

Safe to say my times to practice and even upload something worth while is restricted to how many tries till I get frustrated.

For the gif above I used some sirio black paper which is slightly textured but is incredibly black, however because of the combination of the two it marks super duper easily which can be a pain if you’re trying to create something flawless.

I was trying to experiment with the Z but I think I got scared and stuck to something simple, plus the way I’m able to look whilst filming is off to an angle underneath the tripod. Its awkward as hell which leaves little room for dramatic flourishes, I’m looking to invest in a camera something cheap and cheerful for now as I don’t know how often I’ll be using it and for what exactly.

This was a fun little piece to put together I’ll try and start putting together a basic guide to calligraphy on here soon, looking at my tools, animations of how they work, my own trial and error and conclusive argument of why they work for me in my opinion etc. Just need something that films for longer then 2 minutes without heating up.