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A little about me…hrm I’ll try my best.

I’m a 29 year old calligrapher/designer living in busy London, my dream never really started off as a designer in fact I started off as a video editor for a small company back when I was in college. I carried it on through the majority of my young adult life till I hit 23 and basically did a re-assessment of; ‘if I was enjoying what i was doing’, evidently not… I was scared when I finally decided to go in to design and drawing, my skills weren’t really that strong, and I was always just getting by whilst I did my arts and design courses. But once I started to really throw myself in to and started to put the time in to developing myself, my need to grow and learn more sort of became an addiction. I challenged myself and I decided to see how far I could get, it became more of a hobby if anything until my career started tilting more towards drawing and illustration compared to video editing.

I’ve started calligraphy back in 2013, and I’m incredibly self taught which means I break the rules more than I should, which could make most of the calligraphy masters turn in their grave.

I’ve been a graphic designer longer than I actually realised, and have known nothing else except for design which has been my first love before anything else. I create botanical paintings, calligraphy anything from poetry, letters, invitations, name tags and beautiful memorable keepsakes for just about anything. I’ve recently started going back to my original love for story book illustrations from animals, wildlife, nature and imaginative scenarios.

I believe that learning has been the constant for the last 10 years, every time I take out a piece of paper to start drawing, I learn new things along the ways, about myself, time and how precious it is, and new techniques that will always keep evolving with this ever changing life.

I’m a part-time artist and I’m a part-time graphic designer for a charity in Camden London to help me financially fuel my life, I freelance from time to time when I get a moment so majority of my time is full of commissions, my own small personal business that I’m taking off the ground slowly but surely.

So please enjoy my website, for any questions or queries on commissions please free to leave me a message and follow me on any social media @drawnbylinu